HIMSS 2012 | Vegas

HIMSS 2012 was great.  It was held in Vegas, so you know everyone was excited to be there.  I was ready to go home by day #2 but thats another story for a later date and time.

We met with partners, Microsoft and Navicure, over lunch/dinner, saw other partners booths’ (Surescripts, Lexicomp), and saw what other EHR companies are doing.  We enjoyed the educational sessions, one being the workflow of practices and how an EHR can disrupt it if not created correctly.  This was an eye opener because we strive to cater to practice’s workflows and not the other way around.  It was shocking to hear that some vendors expect the practices to cater to their system.

I thought it was great that Twitter founder, Biz Stone, gave the keynote speech this year.  We need to start thinking outside the box and having Twitter’s presence is a subtle hint to everyone about the importance of connectivity between systems, people, and processes.

We are continuing innovating our EHR product and already have a ton of great product features in the pipeline.  Overall, HIMSS 2012 validated my vision of iChartsMD changing the game up!

I look forward to attending many more HIMSS conferences and hopefully one day iChartsMD will be giving the keynote!

Morgan Prakash | Founder, CEO


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