iChartsMD Announces a New Watermark for Patients Served

iChartsMD has been working feverishly to raise the bar in the EHR world by providing cutting-edge technology to its practices and offering unique software designed to provide better service and medical care for health care facilities and their patients.  The work appears to be paying off as the company has just announced that over 33,000 patients are being served and their data is securely hosted by iChartsMD.

Through an efficient and easy-to-use platform, medical professionals are able to give better and safer care to their patients, and in turn, the patients have the ability to be digitally connected to their medical histories and charts, schedule appointments themselves, have prescriptions filled and refilled electronically, and have access to a patient portal where they can communicate with their doctor and facility.

“Within such a short period of time, our providers have added more than 30 thousand patients to their iChartsMD.  It is a great feeling that we are in turn helping our users help those 30K patients”, said Morgan Prakash, the CEO of iCharts MD.   “We look forward to our ever-expanding user base adding even more patients to their iChartsMD.”


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