We at iChartsMD realize you have a myriad of options available to address your EHR needs, so we have designed a system to offer you a service that not only suits your practices’ and patients’ requirements, but to offer you the true service and respect you deserve as a medical professional. While we offer a medical solution that is web-based and IT related, we regard ourselves as a customer service company.


iChartsMD is based in Santa Monica, CA, and came to be as Morgan Prakash, our CEO and founder, continued to hear frustrations from physicians about the EHR process and the lack of true customer centricity offered by established providers. Morgan thoughtfully designed and created a platform with the aid of physicians and IT professionals alike. Together, they shaped a unique system designed to be Drummond ONC-ATCB compliant, but one that is also easy to use, interfacing that is seamless to navigate, and mobility that works.

Our Values

• Excellence: We provide excellent products, support and service to our clients in a manner they deserve and expect.

• Life Balance: We make life our first priority and understand the importance of balance between their job and their personal life.

• Integrity: We act with integrity inside and outside of our organization.

• Philanthropic: If we are fortunate to receive, we believe that we should give back to our community


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